Best of Brands


My role:


All photography and video for spring and summer 2017

Locations, models, accommodations photography and video

Cape Town

To launch new clothing in 2016 Best of Brands chosed Cape Town as their location. My job on this case was to provide the client with all models and locations for in total 4 different campaigns. They all came out very different which was the brief and the end result is still some of my favorite shoots. It included both video and still photography and all together all campaigns where done during 5 productions days in Cape Town.

As we were an extremely small team we were all involved in the work flowing well and Johan naturally took on the role of piloting us in this work. For me, it was a pleasure to work so closely with the photographer and to gain close insight into how magic occurs when the environment, people and the right team get to work. The time in Cape Town resulted in three campaigns that all contained still images and moving material. For my part, I have probably never been more proud than the campaigns we did for Best of Brands.

Annica Zinder, Marketing Manager, Best of Brands

Johan Lygrell

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Studio in Cape Town

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