Johan Lygrell

+ 46 (0) 709 99 35 00 (Sweden)
+ 27 (0) 72 018 1979 (South Africa)

Studio in Sweden

Vikingagatan 8

113 42 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)709-993500

Studio in Cape Town

247 Bree Street, The Edge, unit 502 

8001 Gardens, Cape Town

+ 27 (0)72-018 1979


30 sec national TV commercial, campaign photography and online content 

My Role:

Script (together with client), locations, models, photography and video


Cape Town and Stockholm

Stjärnurmakarna is a client that´s been with me for years now. Together with their marketing team I have created everything from Instagram shoots to a national TV commercial. It´s always small teams on site with the purpose of trying to get as much content as possible out of every shoot. For each shoot I´m in charge of models, locations and all the photography

We have been working with Johan for almost 4 years now on all different levels, always with a great result. The best part is that we can work quick and easy and always with a great understanding of each other's needs.

Jonas Linder, Marketing Manager, Stjärnurmakarna