Johan Lygrell

+ 46 (0) 709 99 35 00 (Sweden)
+ 27 (0) 72 018 1979 (South Africa)

Studio in Sweden

Vikingagatan 8

113 42 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)709-993500

Studio in Cape Town

247 Bree Street, The Edge, unit 502 

8001 Gardens, Cape Town

+ 27 (0)72-018 1979


All brand building, employer branding, commercials and case films

My Role:


Locations, script, photography and video production


My first job with Bluewater was in Cape Town in December 2017 together with the Volvo Ocean Race. That job started off a long journey together where I created almost all video content (and stills) for Bluewater during two years of time. All from portraits and product shoots, to case videos and bigger advertising films. It was basically a journey that forced us to create a brand from scratch, with lots of fun challenges and creative freedom.

Hands down, Johan is an awesome artist with still and video camera alike. Thanks to his incredible eye he always takes shots that other photographers would miss. He hits the ground running every time, is calm under pressure, needs little direction. In brief, he’s one of the best I have worked with. A truly talented professional!

David Noble, PR & Communications Manager, Bluewater