Johan Lygrell

+ 46 (0) 709 99 35 00 (Sweden)
+ 27 (0) 72 018 1979 (South Africa)

Studio in Sweden

Vikingagatan 8

113 42 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)709-993500

Studio in Cape Town

247 Bree Street, The Edge, unit 502 

8001 Gardens, Cape Town

+ 27 (0)72-018 1979


My Role:


Full image bank, campaign material and motions

Locations, all models, photography and video

Cape Town

The mobile company 3 has been on my client list since the beginning of 2017 and we made several jobs together. All from big national campaigns to smaller in house work and full image bank.


The case presented here is from one of the image banks shoots, a full on 5-day shoot in Cape Town with stills combined with video. In total we produced 100 still images and 30 video clips and my job was the whole lot – from locations and models to actually shoot the job and also edit it all together. In many ways my favorite kind of job, where I can be in total control and work super close to the client. 

The advantage for us working with Johan directly is that he´s quick and experienced but also capable of handling such a big client as us. We have done all from big campaigns to image banks together, always with a top end delivery.

Mathias Anderson, Art Director, 3 Sverige